Techniques for improving your situational awareness and personal safety.

  • Be aware of your environment and surroundings;
  • Look around regularly and check your surroundings and keep your peripheral vision wide;
  • Walk with purpose and confidence as if you know where you are going;
  • Never wear headphones when walking or running;
  • Don’t have valuables on display, such as phones or wallets;
  • Trust your instincts and gut feelings;
  • If you have any doubt or bad feelings of what’s ahead, turn around and go back the way you came;
  • If you feel scared or threatened go to a public place and call someone or phone the police if its dark, make sure you travel in a well-lit area;
  • Learn to control your breathing (if you can control your breathing you can think clearer).
  • Never take short cuts through unlit areas of town to save a few minutes, you are always much safer staying with a group to get home, or get a taxi to your door.


If you are out on the town visiting bars, there are certain times that the risk of violence increases by up to 50%, that’s at the end of the evening about an hour and a half before the bars start to shut. There’s an old saying KNOW WHEN TO LEAVE THE PARTY that way you drastically decrease the risks of violence. Don’t go to the town centre taxi rank as the bars are shutting, again this is another area where violence can erupt very quickly and without warning. Plan your evening in advance book a taxi or private hire company to pick you up from outside the venue and always leave well before last orders, because if shits going to happen this is the most likely time.

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