Karate Cub Worthing Reviews

Highly recommended David,he patient and professional and makes it fun. my eldest confidence has grown, not just in self defence but in all aspects of his life. Would highly recommend this group. We’re very glad we found it.
Meenal Day

I attended a self defence class after an incident at work made me realise my lack of confidence in a conflict situation and how vulnerable I would be if faced with an assailant .
The training started with videos that reinforced the importance of avoiding conflict and how to improve your situational awareness.
David made me feel safe and comfortable throughout the class and is clearly very knowledgeable teaching self defence.
The movements I have learned through repetition were surprisingly easy to master and left me feeling exhilarated and empowered.
I would highly recommend this class to all women and hope my son who is regularly out all hours of the night would attend this as well.
5 star rating from me

Brilliant instructor and a very friendly environment to learn in. Our son has been going for nearly a year and loves it. He’s still excited to go every week. We also like the fact that parents, siblings and Grandparents are all welcome to watch the lessons.
Becky Pratley

Really lovely, engaging teacher, who understands that a class is about bringing on each individual to their potential. Highly recommended.
Jenny Collins

We cannot rate David highly enough. We have used his services for one to one self defence training and he is amazing. He is incredibly patient and is a very good teacher. We feel that we could not have picked anyone more experienced or better to help our situation. We highly recommend him. We only wish that we had found him a long time ago and it might of avoided the situation we have found ourselves in.
Paula Robinson

After trying other martial art classes we found this one and talk about finding Worthings best kept secret well here it is !
Here are classes run by an instructor who is passionate about everything he teaches, he has a brilliant way with children and no matter their level he takes as long as it needs to help them improve.
There is no pile them in for profit here it’s really well structured to make sure every child is supported and has the opportunity to learn the traditional way within a realistic dojo environment.
For parents this is a class that doesn’t cost the earth, with free gradings for children as well and an instructor that has total respect for the traditions of Martial Arts and the individuals that wish to learn.
So if you are looking for the best place for your child to learn and to really enjoy themselves for a reasonable cost then come and join Davids classes I promise you won’t regret it!
Sue Heather

Shayne has learnt so much he loves every min of it, I would highly recommend David Oakley he’s is brilliant and so patient with all children thanks Dave for all u have done with Shayne.
Claire C

Absolutely the most valuable course my daughter and I have ever done. David was a complete professional and offered loads of practical stay safe advice as well as physical self protection. The self defence tuition is very hands on, and we were both exhausted afterwards but we both felt it was exactly what was needed. To defend yourself effectively you need to understand what it would be like to be restrained and to be able to free yourself from such holds. Fantastic value for money, very reasonably priced for such a valuable service. Both myself and my daughter (aged 19, who is going off backpacking alone for most of 2019) feel so much more empowered after David’s lesson. I wish we had done it years ago. A must for woman and young girls, especially those going travelling. We’ll definitely be back for another refresher lesson in the summer Thank you!
Jenna Caplin

David’s teaching style is straight to the point with scenarios made as life-like as possible. David is a very dedicated teacher who is clearly passionate about self-defence and imparting his knowledge and experience onto his students. In one session I picked up some very helpful tips and moves which hopefully I’ll never need, but feel more self-assured knowing I’m now more practised in them.
Gina Hollands

Anyone looking to learn martial arts I truly could not recommend this man enough what he has done with shayne is amazing
Gary C

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