David is a qualified conflict management trainer, physical intervention trainer and qualified first aid trainer. He has worked in the security industry for over fifteen years and is considered one of the leading experts in Conflict Management. He has trained hundreds of people in conflict resolution for real life situations, drawing directly from his experience working in the security sector and internal security and surveillance officer for one of the UK’s largest casinos. David is also one of the few people who has been invited, and worked alongside New York’s ‘Guardian Angel’ group, specialising in diffusing high tension and violent situations in the Bronx NY city.


I have taught conflict management in education establishments around the UK and charity’s who have front-line staff working in the community.

When it come to teaching children and teenagers my message is simple. The best self defence is not to be there in the first place, or get engaged in a conflict situation. This course is to help children and teenagers understand the real realitys of getting into unnecessary arguments, fights, and the consequences that can come of it. There’s no such thing as knife defence, any other thinking is dangerous fantasy!

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