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Well done J. T. , Worthing karate academys most outstanding student of 2023.
⭐ Dedication
⭐ Focus
⭐ Improvement
⭐ Attitude towards training
⭐ Leadership
Well done J. T. outstanding year of hard training and showing what hard training dedication and determination can achive.
Well done Jesse, Worthing karate academys most outstanding student of 2020.
⭐ Dedication
⭐ Focus
⭐ Improvement
⭐ Attitude towards training
⭐ Leadership
Well done Jesse outstanding year of hard training and showing true grit and determination. Keep up the good work.

Out on patrol with New Yorks’s Guardian Angels

While on on a recent trip to the big apple (New York) I arranged a couple of nights out with the famous Guardian Angels of New York City. I met up with two of them at the Bronx subway station near the Yankee Stadium. EQ (The Equaliser and his partner Tank were both veterans and had been working with the Angels since the 1980s. We spent some time patrolling the subways and the area round the Yankee stadium The patrol was mostly uneventful apart from clearing a few trouble makers and moving them on. Although we were about 20 meters away from a fatal shooting in a drive in. Just recently the angels have gone back into the subways since the early 90’s due to a surge of recent slashing and muggings on the trains. The Guardian angels are the original mugger hunters, keeping the subways safe for commuters at night. I did notice that they were very well received by the general public for being there and making people feel safe.

After the patrol I attempted to get a cab back to Manhattan  Island, little did I know when the Yankees are playing, no chance. The Guardian Angles are Just that, EQ personally took charge of my safety and escorted me to his hometown area of Washington heights, where he arranged a friend to drive me back to Lower East Manhattan. All this from a man I had only met on a ferry crossing to Staten Island. New Yorkers are a very friendly bunch unless give them reason to be otherwise.

Leadership talk by Ollie Ollerton

A great talk by Ollie Ollerton on leadership, survival mindset and decision making when under stress.

Worthing Karate and Martial Arts Academy prides its self on the quality of the students we produce not the quantity.

Massive sense of achievement when I produce white belts of this standard before taking their first grading.
I always promised myself, that I would never ever become a belt selling factory for profit. All my students can be proud that when they pass any grading with me, it has been well and truly earned they will be able to enter any JKA dojo and wear their belt with pride.

Community Projects in Worthing

All my community safety awareness courses for children are FREE.

David came to deliver a session on self-defence to about 40 girl guides to support a suffragette themed evening. His talk and the techniques he demonstrated were amazing. Just the right balance of cautionary dialogue and confidence building. The girls really enjoyed the session and he took time to coach them on the self defence techniques to make sure they understood them and when to use them. I would recommend David for group talks and individual coaching.

Children learn teamwork and co-operation

Learning martial arts is a great social activity encouraging children to make friends, be competitive with each other without aggression and become the best they can be. Martial arts are a constant battle with one’s self, it develops self-discipline, self-control and most important self-sovereignty. In other words when a child is confident and happy within themselves, they are also at peace with those and the world around them. If a child can be happy with the way they are progressing and be inspired to do better by watching and training with other children around them rather than looking at them with a green eye or jealousy this is the making of a future leader.

I’m not just a martial arts teacher and black belt.

What does a black belt say about the person wearing it? In my book it says that the person wearing it, has achieved a certain standard in martial arts training. But does it mean they are able to teach, what they themselves have learned? In my opinion the answer is No!

Understanding how children and adults learn, through either visual, aural, linguistic and kinaesthetic learning for example, is very important. The class must be taught in a way that allows all types of learners to flourish. All my classes are kept small with numbers kept below 10 if possible. My system of learning is to have more classes with lower numbers in them, that takes in consideration of age, physical skills and the type of learner the student is. Teaching in a positive learning environment is as important as earning or wearing a black-belt
I have a level 3 teaching certificate. This qualifies me to be able to officially teach in learning establishments, local education facilities and colleges. I have taught conflict management and physical intervention at both Northbrook and Worthing 6th form colleges. I am constantly in a state of learning by going on courses that help me to teach to a higher standard, with improved techniques of relaying information to my students.

I am also a fully qualified First Aid trainer, fully trained in resuscitation for adults and children.

Level 3 Teaching in local education and authorities such as local government and NHS.
Level 3 Trainer in conflict management
Level 3 Trainer in Physical Intervention
Level 3 Trainer in First Aid
CPD Training in Personal Safety Awareness
CPD Training in Situational Awareness
CPD Training in Knives and Edged Weapon Awareness

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