Benefits of meditation for children

Meditation is is a way of turning inward and calming the mind. Children now live in a very fast paced world with far more pressures than past generations, mediation leads to better focus, self control, relationships and being able to live in the moment. Children now face far more pressure at school to get results from a young age, again mediation and mindfulness can take them out of the pressure cooker and help clear their minds  for a short while, leading to less anxiety and worry. Anxiety and stress can quickly lead to depression which then leads on to other problems.

Just a few minutes a day of mediation can have amazing results in children’s mental health.

Meditation even for a short while is the equivalent of unplugging a child from the outside world so they can just feel their own thoughts.

Its a simple way to recharge the mind, which intern leads to better performance in school and other activities.

Remember children worry about life just as much as adults do. But its much harder for them to express it, and talk about it.

Every class we do 2 mins meditation the calmness is amazing to see.

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