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The Art of Karate

Would you like to be able to defend yourself and your family?

At Worthing Karate Academy, we can give you the skills to defend yourself in a realistic and practical way. I am a fully qualified Physical Intervention and conflict management trainer, and worked as night club security for 15 years. I also held the position of security officer for one of the worlds largest casino groups, where dealing with conflict and violence was reconciled by using communication and conflict resolution skills.

Its always better to have the skills to talk yourself out of a bad situation. In my experience violence and conflict should be avoided at all costs, unless it cannot be avoided.

Martial arts training also gives you the confidence to deal with your weaknesses as well as improve your strengths.

If I asked you about the last time you had a fight I’m sure you either would not be able to remember or would say never. Martial arts training helps you defeat the biggest threats to your life, such as cholesterol, weight gain and a premature death.

Most people who start training with us notice an increased fitness level and weight-loss within a very short period of time.

Worthing Karate Academy is like a family, everyone helps each other and there are no big egos or intimidation tactics in play by any members.

Why choose martial arts training? Martial arts are a life long learning experience with the added benefit of keeping a high level of fitness, unlike joining a gym. Most people who join a gym only keep it up for 6 months and then become bored with working out. Becoming good at martial arts takes time and no matter how good you get, there is always constant room for improvement both physically and mentally. I have been training for over 35 years and still know and understand a little bit more each new year that goes by.

Worthing Martial Arts Academy prides itself on helping children gain confidence, self esteem and leadership quality’s. Martial arts training is a fantastic learning tool for dealing with the ups and downs of life. Martial arts promote physical fitness, coordination and balance. Other benefits are self discipline, strength of mind, concentration and respect for others.

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