Summer holiday martial arts training camps

Free eBook on how to develop confidence and leadership skills in your children

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We’ll be running a few of our Children’s Karate/Jujutsu morning Boot Camps (9am-12.30pm) & afternoons (1pm-4pm) over the holidays at a special rate of just £38!

The last few years have been a difficult for everyone especially children, all our courses will be held at West Worthing Tennis Club. Here is some reason why its brilliant for children

  1. Because it’s really fun for the kids to be able to get out again and exercise.
  2. Children’s bootcamp fitness, martial arts forms for concentration and balance.
  3. It gives you a chance to relax for a few hours and we promise to tire them out!
  4. We hope you might join our regular weekly classes in the future.
  5. Learn with a fully qualified instructor in conflict management, physical intervention, and martial arts teacher of over 20 years.

Qualified trainer in situational awareness and personal safety

Fully qualified First Aid Trainer

Mental health First Aid

Covid-19 safe martial arts instructor certification

If you’re interested in your child or children coming along, we will have 7 spaces maximum per session so please simply comment here or pop us a message to go on the waitlist for when places are released.

So, message us now for more details! Just £38 for 3 and half hours!

This is perfect for you If you want:

  1. No tie in Contracts – never ever
  2. Your Children to learn genuine life skills and be active in something that’s fun and builds confidence.
  3. To learn with a Black Belt instructor of over 20 years
  4. To really give your children valuable skills

A fully security licensed CRB & DBS checked instructor.

  1. Your children to learn some basic Japanese!
  2. Group chats about personal safety

Martial Arts are about personal development and leadership not fighting

We are not teaching your children how to fight. We are teaching personal development, confidence and how to excel and lead a positive life when they go out into the world.

Once children start to advance we add them into a mentoring program, which includes skills such as public speaking, helping others coming up behind them in the ranks and leadership skills.

Established 1975

FREE training Vouchers & FREE eBook on how to develop confidence and leadership skills in your children

Send us your name and email in the box below and I will send you your vouchers and FREE eBook

Helping children to find their way in the world and deal with life’s ups and downs with confidence and a positive attitude

Wado-Ryu is a Japanese Jujitsu/karate hybrid  style. When first registered with the Japanese Dai-Nippon-Butoku-Kai in 1938 the style was called Shinshu Wadoryu Karate-Jujitsu, a name which reflects the heavy influence of Jujitsu which as a result incorporates many take downs and throws.
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