Family Martial Arts Classes & Self Defence Training in Worthing

family karate classes

Family martial arts lessons in Worthing. Family self defence training and fitness, where the whole family can train with a fully qualified instructor in safety.

Family Martial arts offer.

8 Reasons why parents should join in with martial arts lessons

  1. 90% of all parents who take part in training discovered they became fitter and gained flexibility and really enjoyed themselves.
  2. You can help your children even more because you develop a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve and, in the process, expand your own knowledge.
  3. You become a cool role model for your children to follow.
  4. Martial arts build a stronger and more focused mind, essential for dealing with the external pressures of life in general.
  5. Martial arts help keep your whole family fit and flexible.
  6. You get to begin a new hobby with a fantastic set of life skills, make new friends, face new challenges, and develop skills that you never thought possible.
  7. When you come to the Dojo to train, you can forget all of life’s little problems and relax and enjoy your trainings time together.
  8. Learn some very useful conflict resolution, and physical self-defense skills.

Only £45 for 6 weeks training for two children and two adults.

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