Childrens Karate and Martial Arts Training in Worthing

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Childrens martial arts Worthing

Martial Arts are about personal development and leadership not fighting
We are not teaching your children how to fight. We are teaching personal development, confidence and how to excel and lead a positive life when they go out into the world.

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Children love the clubs new BlazePod system for building speed and reaction skills.

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Helping children to find their way in the world and deal with life’s ups and downs with confidence and a positive attitude

Karate for girls in Worthing
Wado-Ryu is a Japanese Jujitsu/karate hybrid  style. When first registered with the Japanese Dai-Nippon-Butoku-Kai in 1938 the style was called Shinshu Wadoryu Karate-Jujitsu, a name which reflects the heavy influence of Jujitsu which as a result incorporates many take downs and throws.
childrens martial arts worthing

Tiny Dragon’s 
3-5 years old, make learning fun number and spelling skills mixed with physical fun games, learning co-ordination, balance and conflict resolution.

Worthing martial arts club

Mind Body & Spirit For Children

Fitness Exercises
Specially designed games are included in the warm up exercises to keep the students motivated, and at the same time all types of karate movements are learned to help with co-ordination and balance as well as all round fitness.

During classes children get to learn math’s and spelling skills without even realising it.

Confidence against bullying

Understanding what to do if a stranger approaches them physically or other children attempt to influence them negatively/bullying.
Student will gain confidence in their ability to understand danger inside and outside the class.

Respect is a very important part of Martial Arts training. In the days of the Samurai he respected himself, and all others, even his enemies. It is very important to have this respect inside and outside the training hall (dojo) as it is the bridge to mutual understanding and ultimately to peaceful co-existence with others.

Self Control
When practicing with other students self control of ones’ actions is very important as to not hurt each other.

The way Karate is taught to Children at the club seems to improve their self discipline, concentration levels, and their focus a great deal.

This is because the student uses the mind and physical action at the same time to a precise set of instructions.

This helps the student at school and later on in their lives. The art of concentration is to learn to ignore distractions and clear the mind of all thoughts, except for the task that is being done at the time.

Self Discipline and Etiquette
We like to teach Martial Arts Discipline, but in a relaxed way. Discipline in the Training Hall (Dojo) is very important for safety and an essential part of teaching a Martial Art.



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