Childrens Martial Arts training in Worthing for Confidence and Leadership Skills

Childrens martial arts Worthing

Martial Arts are about personal development and leadership not fighting

We are not teaching your children how to fight, we are not about creating knuckle dragging thugs. We are teaching personal development, confidence and how to excel and lead a positive life when they go out into the world.

Once children start to advance we add them into a mentoring program, which includes skills such as public speaking, helping others coming up behind them in the ranks and leadership skills.

Established 1975

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Karate training in Worthing

Children love to be competitive martial arts competitions and sparring give children a massive boost. All our sparring competitions are safe and the children are fully protected and being fully supervised all the time. When we hold our sparring tournaments the children win proper medals and trophy’s and finish the day on a high and filled with confidence.

Although in my experience the parents become more excited and competitive than the children.

2019 Summer tournament sparring and kata champions

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