Karate and martial arts are not just about learning self defence

The practice of martial arts is fantastic for life long health and well-being. Our members range between the ages of 30 to 70 years of age.

Unlike going to the gym, the life time study of  martial arts is an on going learning process. I thought when I earned my black belt that was it, how wrong I was. I have probably learnt more since obtaining my black-belt than the whole of the time working up towards it.

Martial arts never becomes boring because there is a never ending process of learning, and trying to obtain perfection in the physical aspects of the art.

Karate is perfect for all round fitness

As you get older it helps keep balance in every aspect of your life from the physical to the mental.

Karate training can give you the edge in so many ways throughout your life, from the work place and other physical activities plus Karate helps you develop a strong spirit and resilience in the challenges of everyday life.

You can start Karate training at any time in your life

Age is not a factor when learning martial arts, the only battle is with yourself and no one else. Every member of our club helps everyone else, there are no egos or bad attitudes, a good martial arts club is like a family and always there for each other inside and outside the Dojo.

Karate is a total body workout

Martial arts practice works every muscle in the body which in turn increases your stamina and cardiovascular fitness.


Coordination and Reflexes

One of the most beneficial aspects of martial arts training for the older person is body coordination and reflexes, this also leads to an improvement of hand to eye coordination. the major benefit of this is, as you become older, you will have less chance of falls, trips and broken bones.

Natural Body Power

Martial arts training also develops total body power, a lot of Karate stances are very low so build up massive strength in the legs, add in the basic kicks and you have a very powerful leg workout with no weight training involved at all, plus punching and striking on pads builds arm and shoulder strength with the added bonus of building pin point accuracy and coordination.


Chris is one of our senior members at 71 years of age.

At 55 years of age I’m still doing flying kicks and pushing my body to its own personal physical limits.

I have been practising martial arts all my life, martial arts has kept me strong in mind body and spirit in tough times and good times. As martial artists we forge our minds and body’s in the fire of our will power.

The other beauty of martial arts is you meet people who inspire you to become better. When I invite other instructors to teach at the club or I go and train at their clubs, I see students and other instructors doing techniques better than me, with the right mindset this is a positive experience that spurs you on to become better, and train harder.

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