Worthing Karate Jujutsu is the perfect way for children and adults to keep fit, gain confidence and live a positive life.

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Established 1975

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Childrens Martial Arts for Fun, Fitness and Self Defence

Karate Club Worthing

Childrens Karate Worthing

Worthing Karate Academy prides itself on helping children gain confidence, self esteem and leadership quality’s. Martial arts training is a fantastic learning tool for dealing with the ups and downs of life. Worthing Karate Academy promotes physical fitness, coordination and balance. Other benefits are self discipline, strength of mind, concentration and respect for others.

Well done Jesse, Worthing karate academys most outstanding student of 2020.
⭐ Dedication
⭐ Focus
⭐ Improvement
⭐ Attitude towards training
⭐ Leadership
Highly recommended David,he patient and professional and makes it fun. my eldest confidence has grown, not just in self defence but in all aspects of his life. Would highly recommend this group. We’re very glad we found it.
Meenal Day

Anyone looking to learn martial arts I truly could not recommend this man enough what he has done with Shayne is amazing
Gary C

Tiny Dragons

Saturday morning at 9.30

This session is a great introduction to martial arts training and concentrates on games involving co-ordination and gaining confidence in physical activity.

Adults Karate

Studying the art of karate is perfect for adults who want to get involved with a martial art, that teaches self defence and at the same time provides the opportunity to keep fit physically, and help you become stronger mentally and spiritually.

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